Department In-charge

Kathmandu, Nepal

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Detail Information

Detail Information:

  • Responsible for department’s merchandising, seasonal layout changes and launches 

  • Provides necessary information to the staffs in new launches and various department related training

  • Drafting SWOT reports and product feedback

  • Assists the line manager to make duty rosters and checking staff attendance

  • Delegates the tasks to front-line staffs

  • Assists the line manager to conduct market surveys

  • Monitors the store’s trading/non-trading inventory and assists the line manager in store audit

  • Prepares monthly reports for respective department

  • Monitors the department's budget and performance

  • Ensures all the inventory levels are appropriate in the department and replenishment are done regularly 

  • Maintains the department’s standard as per the company guideline with the help of front-line retail staffs

Job Specifications: 

  • Knowledge of Tracking Budget Expenses

  • Market Knowledge, Staffing

  • Results driven, Management proficiency

  • Strategic Planning skill

  • Good computer knowledge

  • Good analytical and communication skills

  • Customer oriented